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Zoom Just Got Harder

Zoom Just Got Harder

Zoom Just Got Harder

Article taken from morningbrew.com

Zoom is an enterprise video conferencing app, a romantic spot for a first date, and now…a hardware company? Yesterday, it revealed a $599 “all-in-one personal collaboration device” called Zoom for Home—DTEN ME (DTEN is Zoom’s hardware partner). The gadget’s purpose is to create a better remote work environment by making video communications even more immersive and intuitive.

Zoom for Home will pack…

  • A 27-inch screen
  • Three wide-angle cameras
  • Eight microphones
  • One touchscreen display

While Zoom for Home carries a hefty price tag in comparison to its competitors—Google’s Nest Hub can run as low as $90—Zoom’s hardware offering screams “company card” as some knowledge workers transition to WFH forever.

Bottom line: Emerging Tech Brew writer Ryan Duffy is bullish on this move, arguing that “corporate money earmarked for commercial real estate can now be funneled into Zoom hardware.” But that assumes corporations will be willing (or able) to get out of those pricey office leases.

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