Why should I learn HTML and CSS Programming?

Why should I learn HTML and CSS Programming?

Is it good to learn HTML and CSS?

The answer is YES!  It is a fact that HTML and CSS codes are the building blocks of all websites.  If you are contemplating becoming a web developer, then it is safe to say that knowing your way around HTML and CSS is crucial and should be learnt so as to form a base for other more complicated coding languages.  HTML and CSS codes form the basis for beginners who can go on to learn many more coding languages later on.


If you are making use of a drag and drop website builder then you only need HTML and CSS to get started, thereafter you can move onto more advanced coding languages such as jQuery, JavaScript and PHP.


How long does it take to learn HTML and CSS?


It can take anywhere from 1- 2 weeks to teach yourself HTML and CSS and about a month of practice to get totally at ease with these programs.  The more you apply the program and build projects, the more comfortable you will start to become with it.

Is HTML and CSS different?


HTML and CSS are independent of each other and can be used with any XML-based mark-up language.  The reason that HTML and CSS are separated is so that it can be easier to maintain sites and share style sheets across pages.  Being independent of each other means that you can also tailor make your pages to different environments.

Should I learn HTML before CSS?


Knowledge of HTML is necessary since learning CSS in the best practical way would be difficult if you do not already know your way around HTML and the way in which it can be applied.  It is advisable to learn the basics of HTML structure and syntax first and then move onto CSS.

What can CSS do that HTML Cannot?


  • CSS can set different page margins for all sides of the page
  • CSS can set font size for all text elements
  • CSS has no pre-set size limitations


The benefits of Learning HTML and CSS


HTML and CSS are the key to the Internet and website building


Without HTML and CSS, we would not be able to develop and design websites. These are the two most fundamental programming languages used to design websites and gives the user a clear indication on how the Internet works as well as how websites are built.  HTML and CSS enable a website to include attachments such as YouTube videos as well as coloured text.  Understanding how these programs work give you the basic knowledge as to how websites are built and if you learn how to code using web development technology such as HTML and CSS, you will be able to build your own website or even create your own portfolio site.

HTML and CSS Can Help can increase productivity in your current job


You don’t have to use HTML and CSS to just build websites.  There are many advantages to understanding how a web page is built and knowing about these website structures can help you to refine your strategy when it comes to marketing and designing campaigns as well as jobs that require knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Learning these programs can enrich your current career skills and is a good investment to make no matter what you do for a living.


Web Developers are highly sought after


If you have high hopes of becoming a web designer or developer, HTML and CSS could help you to break into this field with ease as they are both skills that are needed for all jobs in web design and development.  These skills are in high demand and according to a recent survey there were over 53 000 job postings for web developers in the USA in the beginning months of 2020.

HTML and CSS programs are easy to Learn


These two programming languages are known for their simple syntax and are very easy to learn.  Simply put, syntax is the set of rules that defines how coding works.  HTML uses a tag-based structure and CSS also uses a simple structure which enables easy learning of these two codes and puts you in an excellent position to master other new technologies such as JavaScript.  Learning these two simple coding languages allows you to acquire new coding skills and develops your analytical and problem-solving tactics.



HTML and CSS programmers are paid well


It is everybody’s ambition in life to do what they love and at the same time get paid well for what they do.  Studying HTML and CSS can help you reach these dreams.  Facebook, Netflix, Google and Twitter are just some companies that use HTML and CSS which makes learning these programs a big deal!  The average salary for a web developer in the USA is $68 524 while a senior web developer can earn a staggering $87 712.  The more you learn, the more you grow, and the more you grow the more you will earn.

Many resources to choose from


There are many resources such as online tutorials and courses to choose from if you would like to pursue learning HTML and CSS:


  • HTML beginner tutorials
  • com – created for HTML users
  • Learn HTML- tutorial website
  • Codecademy
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Tutorialspoint for CSS
  • net
  • HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites


Best book to use as a resource: Learn to Code HTML & CSS

 This book in a beginner’s interactive guide that can teach you how to develop and style websites using HTML and CSS.  This book explains all the common elements of front-end design and development and is well-worth the read.


Learning HTML and CSS is worth it!


Learning to code in any language is a very valuable tool but HTML and CSS are the best programs to choose if you are interested in becoming a web developer.  These are both easy for beginners to learn but it is important to not underestimate how powerful and important they are.  All websites are powered by HTML and CSS and many companies rely on this technology to create their websites.  You cannot go wrong by investing your time and effort into learning these two valuable programs to start off your career in web development.

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