What is Plantnet?

What is Plantnet?

New Website and App, PlantNet! Or not so new. Celebrates its 10th birthday and like a good red wine, just gets better with time.


What is PlantNet?

As of the 1st September 2020 the app PlantNet is blowing up on exploding topics.

We review it, and tell you little more this exciting fun informative app that’s been around since 2010.


PlantNet is a plant identification website. Which uses an image search engine that helps identify flowers and plants with a simple click on their smartphone. PlantNet is also available as an app on Android or Apple stores.  It has a huge database of 1,8 mill images with over 27909 species. Plantnet is completely free but they do ask users to help to identify and add information about the quality of images and plants.


So, you wondering if it really works? so put the app to the test, and here’s what we found!

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Does the App PlantNet Work?

according to You had at gardening.

it is the best free app for identify plants. see their article.

The plant guide website only rated it 11th best app.

You’ve probably heard that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but one new app is turning a picture into one single phrase — the name of a plant.

How stuff works.com rated the app really highly 

The free app PlantNet, easily described as Shazam (which identifies songs) for plants, can pinpoint the identity of flowers and plants using just a smartphone camera. The collaborative concept was driven by scientists, and amateur and professional botanists, and developed by digital science research firm Inria — with the support of France’s agronomy-focused, open-science institute Agropolis Foundation.

its also endorsed by:


How does PlantNet app work?

  1. Install app on your phone, either from google play store or Apple’s app store.
  2. open App.
  3. Enable G.P.S. on app. (or manually choose region)
  4. allow app to use camera.
  5. click on camera. it will then ask you

6.then take picture or upload picture from Gallery.

  1. Then select the organ:
  2. app then searches for plant Species.
  3. It then comes back with one, two or three possibilities, it will give scientifically name or common name.
  4. confirm the plant! (if you want to be part of the community and contribute.



In conclusion: don’t take our word for it that this app really works!

download it and try it’s free. what do you have to lose??

out of the 20 plants, we scanned it only battled with 2 species in our garden. 

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