What is Google Meet?

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a secure video meeting that can be used for personal, teams and business conferencing and enables its users to stay securely connected to its video conferencing as it is built using Googles secure infrastructure.  In short, Google Meet offers secure meetings with built-in protection across a global network that uses Google to secure your privacy.


 Can I download Google Meet to my PC / laptop / phone?

Google meet allows every meeting to automatically include its own dial-in- details which enables guests to dial-in from their smartphones.  Users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and new Edge don’t require any plugins on software to be installed as it works directly from the browser.


Google Meet is easy to use as you simply set up a meeting and then share the link without the added worry of other clients or teammates having the right account to plug in to the meeting.  Meetings can be joined from an email invite, a calendar event or directly from Gmail with all of the event details right there in front of you.  You can join into Google meet by using a computer or a phone.  Google meets boasts features such as noise cancelation and low-light mode which can help you to get the best out of your Google meetings at all times.


Can Google Meet be recorded?

Google Meet can be recorded so that you can share it with others or watch it again at a later stage.  The recording feature is for free for all G-Suite members but will be charged for as of the 30th September 2020.

How to record a Google Meet meeting


  • Sign into your Google Admin console
  • Go to your home page and then go to the Apps G Suite
  • Click on Meet settings
  • To apply this setting to everyone, leave the top organizational unit selected
  • Click on Recording and check or uncheck who you would like to allow to record the meeting

Does Google Meet have breakout rooms?

Unfortunately, Google Meet does not feature any break away rooms but there is a way in which to achieve this by creating parallel hangouts and sharing the links to the parallel meetings by using email or a shared document.  There is a new feature in the pipelines which will enable users to branch out into smaller forums.  Keep an eye out for future releases.


Can Google Meet be streamed to Facebook?

Google Meet cannot be streamed to people outside of your organization but there is another way to stream your Google Meeting by using an encoder such as OBS Studio. This can stream anything on your screen including Google Meet meetings to social media.


How long does a Google Meet link last?

A google meet link expires after 90 days. Meeting links created in Google Classroom can expire as soon as the last person leaves the meeting which means that a meeting will start as soon as you enter the meeting and will expire as soon as you leave.

How to use Google Meet


  • Sign up for your free version of Google Meet by going to the Google Meet page. You will be asked to enter your name, email and country as well if you are using the platform for personal, business. Government or educational purposes.
  • Navigate to meet.google.com. Alternatively, you can open the app on an IOS or Android device or from your Google Calendar.
  • Enter your meeting code or click on Start a new meeting.
  • Choose which google account you want to use.
  • Click on Join meeting. Once you have opened the meeting you will be able to add other people into it.



Where is the Google Meet code?

The google meeting code can be found in the web browser.  Type in https://meet.google.com and you will be able to enter by using the meeting code or nickname.  The meeting code is comprised of the string of letters that appear at the end of the meeting link.



Where can I find Google Meet in in Gmail?

Google Meet can be found in Gmail quick start by opening Gmail. In the side bar you will see Start meeting.  You are then able to invite participants who can join the meeting from Gmail. Here you can customize your video settings, share your screen and interact with all the participants of the meeting.


How to take attendance in a Google Meeting

The Google Meet Attendance Chrome extension was created by a teacher and makes the process of taking attendance as easy as possible for the host.  The layout is tailor-made for online classes but can also be used for other businesses.  This extension can show you exactly who has entered and exited the meeting with a CSV or HTLM sheet.  The Google Meet Attendance Chrome extension can be found in your Google Chrome web store and will light up when it is on a supported Google Meet screen.

How to share a screen in Google Meet?


  • Join a video meeting
  • In the bottom-right corner select Present now
  • Select the entire screen, chrome tab or window
  • Choose the content you would like to share
  • Select Share


Google Meet versus Zoom


Google Meet




·       Unlimited meetings

·       Free Version can handle up to 100 participants

·       Compatible with all devices

·       Quick and easy to set up

·       Live captioning when meetings are underway

·       Compatible with all devices

·       Video and audio preview screen

·       Adjustable screen settings and layout

·       Meeting hosts can have control

·       Screen Sharing

·       Meetings can be recorded

·       Messaging between participants

·       Integrated with Google and Microsoft Office applications






·       One of the most popular conferencing applications to date

·       Free version can handle up to 1000 people

·       Works on both desktop and mobile devices

·       Quick and easy to set up

·       Can display up to 49 people on the screen at a time

·       Enables a user to share a screen

·       Presenter can mute others

·       Call can be recorded

·       Messaging between participants

·       Simple and effective

·       Breakout rooms can be utilized

·       Automated scheduling can be done from Gmail, Outlook and iCal.


How much goes Google Meet cost?


To date Google Meet has been providing free access to Meet videoconferencing and will continue to do so up until the end of September 2020.


Google Meet free features


  • An unlimited amount of meetings
  • Live captioning during meetings
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Preview screen for video and audio
  • Screen and layout settings
  • Meeting host controls
  • Messaging between participants
  • Record meetings and save them go Google Drive
  • Meetings of us to 150 participants

After the 30th September 2020 the pricing will change and will be as follows:

Basic:  100 participants per call (FREE)

Business Essential: $10 per user per month for up to 150 participants

Enterprise Essential: $20 per user per month for up to 250 participants


There is little doubt that Google Meet is a valuable conferencing tool with huge benefits for private use as well as business entities. It is easy to use and free if utilised for meetings that require under 100 participants.

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