What is Designrr?

What is Designrr?

Designrr was initially launched in April of 2016 and was received very well by business owners, marketers, bloggers, and authors. Designrr is an online tool that is able to create stunning eBooks or lead magnets from one or more web pages as well as remove all the clutter such as sidebars, social icons, adverts and navigation so that you land up with pure and clean content in your eBook. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is used by marketers, course creators and bloggers all over the globe.  It was created by Paul Clifford who is a software builder and marketer and is an excellent addition to any online business as a content marketing toolkit.  Designrr aims to minimise the design process when a user wants to create many various types of media and unlike some other tools is uncomplicated and affordable.  Designrr claims to create an ebook in less than 2 minutes and is perfect for any Internet Marketing.


What is the Designrr Tool?

The Designrr tool is a cloud-based software meaning that there is no need to download and install the software onto your computer.  It is compatible for both Mac and Windows and by cutting down the entire design process it not only saves precious time but also has features that make it very east to update your eBook content at a later time.  Designrr has multiple tools and options to choose from.


Who can use the Designerr Tool and what can they create?


Who can use Designerr What can create with Designerr Features of Designerr
Content Marketers


Course Creators

Ebook Marketers


Small Businesses

Webinar Marketers

Brand Marketers

Video Creators


Marketing Agencies

Writers and Bloggers

Project Managers




Blog posts




Show notes

Dynamic flipbooks



Designrr is a platform for content re-purposing.

You are able to publish a podcast as a PDF.

The user can transform a WordPress blog into a PDF E-Book.

You can turn a YouTube Video into a Word Press Blog Post.

Transcribe YouTube Videos into an E-Book.

Convert a Word.doc into an e-pub e-book.

Ability to transform a blog post into a dynamic flipbook.

Convert a Podcast into an amazon kindle e-book.

Publish a PDF file as a dynamic flipbook.

Transform a Podcast into Blog Post show notes.

You can export any file as PDF.

Designrr has free optimized conversion templates.

Cover templates can be done in 3 D.

Cloud-based software that can work with Mac and Windows.

An extremely flexible and creative tool.

Rapid eBook maker.

Free conversion-optimised templates.

Cloud-based – no software install required.

Save your own customised elements to use again.

Video transcription service in the Premium and Business Designerr plan.

Allows the import of existing content, blog posts, Facebook, Word Doc, Dropbox. YouTube and others.


Designerr is much more than just a simple design tool.  It was built and marketed as a content repurposing tool and is able to turn one type of media into another type of media by using its import function.  This allows the user to cut down on fresh content production and instead leverage your existing content in various different channels. Examples of this can be”


Changing a Blog post into a PDF

Changing a PDF into a Flipbook

Converting a Podcast into a Cheat Sheet


What is a Lead Magnet
Earlier we spoke about lead magnets?  But what is a lead magnet? This is a product or service that your website offers its visitors in return for their email address.  Your visitors subscribe to your email list and are then is considered a lead due to the fact that they have shown an interest in what your company has to offer them.  These leads can easily become customers and if you are doing content marketing you are definitely able to benefit from using Designrr as a tool to upgrade and enhance your marketing and email campaigns.  Designrr enables you to reach more audiences and grow your email list while at the same time giving your eBook a professional look.


Designrr Features

You can import nearly anything

There are many other platforms for content repurposing but Designrr’ s unique ability to import nearly any type of media makes it one of the most wanted platforms in the marketing field.  Designrr not only allows you to get standard file uploads but is also able to pull in content from live pages or social media pages such as Facebook.  You are even able to import content from pages that do not belong to you. This is obviously assuming that you have permission from the content creator to use their content.

You can enable free movement in the editor

Most other modern design tools do not have the ability to cater for free movement design mainly due to alignment issues.  Designrr allows you to place something in a specific area on a page.  This is called “Free Element Dragging” and can be enabled in the Designrr settings. This feature allows you to drag any content into any position on your page.

The user can create 3D cover images

Users of Designrr are also able to create 3D cover images which can often be seen in lead magnet previews.  These can be created from the Designrr projects overview screen by hovering over the project and then clicking on the “3D” text to open the cover maker.  A popup will then appear with various different style options such as paperback, hardback or flat style covers.


How to Create or convert content into an eBook


Steps to make an eBook from a blog post:

Copy the URL that you want to work with.

Click on Create A New Project.

Select Import from URL when asked to choose a source for the ebook.

Enter the URL and then click on Import.

Now pick a project template.

Give the project a title and add a footer URL.

Edit the project to suit your specific style.

Export the content to PDF.


The Steps

1)      Import using Designrr

Start by logging into Designrr to create eBooks from the content that you want to use.  In this example we are going to be using Google Doc.

Click on the share URL from the Google DOC. Before this make sure that is accessible to “Everyone”.

Grab the share URL from the Google DOC. (Make sure is accessible to ‘Everyone’)

Import the link into Designrr using the ‘Import From URL’ option. You can also use the ‘Import Manually’ option.

Now just copy and paste your Google Doc into the draft editor.

2)      Choose a Template

Now it is time to choose your preferred template.  There are hundreds of templates to choose from.


3)      Tweak, Customize and Tailor Your Look

The Designrr interface is relatively basic but is easy to navigate through and offers its users many features.


Check to see that you are happy with your layout and that there are no tying errors or grammatical mistakes.

Begin the design process.  You can adjust the font, colour an style of your eBook.

You will notice that a table of contents is automatically generated.  You are now able to change the template colors, headers, footers and cover images as well as add more images from your PC or from the built-in-library. Select the one that you want for your new cover.

Click on “Publish”.

You can easily publish to PDF, ePub, Kindle or directly to your blog.

Once you have finished creating your eBook you can also add a 3D thumbnail that can be used on your website to encourage potential clients to download it.


The Layout Tab

On the Layout Tab you are able to get Project, Drafts, Help and Profile menu options.  Designrr has editing settings for every text, heading and image block and offers extreme flexibility to get exactly what you want for your eBook.  When you click on any of your paragraph blocks you will see that the editing container appears around it in green.  Each editing option in Designrr is represented by its own icon.


The editing options for paragraphs are as follows


Re-paginate: When you remove elements and change font sizes you are often left with many empty spaces on the page. The Repaginate tool is a practical way to remove white spaces without affecting your formatting. To use this tool simply click on the Re-paginate icon to automagically reformat the document.

Edit: This gives you granular editing options for fonts, inserting links, adding icons, and merging blocks. It is to be noted that the editing of content here will not affect the other elements of the book. If you are looking for global changes then use the Inspector panel on the left-hand side.

Lock: This allows for any up or down movement of the containers by using the up and down keys.  When this is unlocked users are also able to drag and drop the container.

Clear formatting:  This option is able to remove formatting that you do not want such as bolding, underline and italics from a specific paragraph.

Format :  This feature enables the user to change between paragraph and HTML-style heading sizes.

Delete:  The delete feature allows you to delete content without a prompt. The Undo button will also come in handy with this feature.

Save element: This allows you to save an element for reuse and is an extremely advantageous feature for those who create a lot of branded material.

Move element up:  Moves an element one block at a time towards the top of the page

Move element down: This moves an element one block at a time towards the bottom of the page.


Inspector Tab


When importing a document, this is the tab you will mainly use.  There are many options to choose from such as:


  • Applying background colors to images and blocks as well as paragraphs and pages.
  • Adding padding inside of blocks to space out text and images.
  • Allow for margins above and below various sections of text.
  • To create shadow effects on text blocks to make them stand our more.
  • You are able to choose from various inbuilt fonts as well as thousands of Google fonts.
  • Add borders to sections of content.
  • Edit images from Designrr

Elements Tab


If you’re creating an eBook from scratch or would like to do some substantial editing of a project, then the elements tab has some wonderful features to assist you.  The Designrr user is able to add ordered lists, definition lists, tables, quotes and labels by dragging them across.  The user is then able to create some very professional designs.  You are also able to imbed YouTube videos and images to your project or drag a table of contents element for Designrr to automatically populate with the headings of your document.


Other Importing Options

With Designrr you are able to import from word and create an empty project so that you can start with a blank slate.  You are also able to import content directly from Facebook such as your personal account of any brand account that belong to you.  You do this by selecting the time range of the Facebook posts as well as the import and filters of the posts by the number of comments and reactions. You then click on Import.

A better use of this feature is to import selected Facebook posts from inside another ebook. This feature is part of the Designrr software.


What to Remember


When using the Designrr tool is in important to acquire a little pre-knowledge of the package.  Always make sure that when you are changing a sections appearance that the “Apply for” option reads “Selected Elements Only”. If you don’t make sure of this, then you could possibly change all similar elements in your project.  When you use the “all similar elements” button make sure that you also select just the elements that you want to change otherwise you will land up changing the font style for your entire eBook.


When manipulating the fonts also make sure that the software moves the cursor focus off the element that you are editing. It is to be noted that after you click on the delete button, the paragraph changes font-size but the focus shifts to the paragraph and not the element editor. This can slow the workflow down. Designrr’ s eBooks have set spacings and layouts that can be overridden and adding blank spaces can break the design, so it is recommended to add padding and margins to your design.  When you drag an element from the Elements tab make sure that you focus on the changes to the element that you are editing. The left-hand panel will change to show the Inspector Tab and not the Elements Tab.

Pros and Cons of Designrr


Pros Cons
–       Designer has an amazing support team that are very fast to answer questions and help to fix issues that the user may be experiencing with formatting.  They also offer guidance to users on how to improve their work.

–       The program is extremely flexible and allows the user a lot of freedom when it comes to how they want their eBook to look. The “Enable Free Element Dragging” option helps you to be more creative and does most of the layout arrangements for you.

–       You are able to access editing options from the inspector tab, inside the content or by right-clicking on elements.

–       Designrr offers multiple theme options and allows you to easily see how your eBook is going to look after you have applied the template.

–       The Designrr tool is powerful enough to import huge content to your project within seconds that is already formatted with images and links.

–       Professional looking eBooks can account for many lead magnets.

–       There are plenty of onboarding videos and notifications to choose from as well as many import options and various file formats.

–       It is a flexible design editor and allows for the free movement of elements

–       There are over 200 templates and layouts to choose from as well as multiple publishing options and a 3D cover image creator.

–       Software-powered transcription service.

–       Live-chat support even on weekends.


–       Designrr can crash when returning from a preview or selecting to many options at the same time.

–       There are limited exporting options on the lifetime plan, but it is fine if you just want to create eBooks.

–       There is no multi-select in the design editor.

–       Transcriptions may still require some editing on your part.

–       Designrr is only available as a monthly subscription.



Pricing Plans


Designrr has a few plans for the user to choose from:


Lifetime Deal

The Designrr Lifetime Deal costs $27 and is a lifetime entry fee.

Standard Plan

This plan costs $29 a month for 100 templates as well as unlimited projects.

Pro Plan

This plan costs $39 a month and gets you 200 cover designs as well as 200 additional templates. You are able to import from Google Docs and then export to Kindle, iBook’s, ePub formats and PDF. Exporting to Flipbook format is an added feature in the Pro Plan which also includes 3D cover creation.

Premium Plan

The Premium costs $49 a month and gets the user a lot more features than some of the other plans. Features on this plan include:

HTML export for embedding in any website.

Four transcription hours for video or audio a month which is wonderful for video marketers and podcasters.

Business Plan

The Business Plan Costs $99 a month and includes eight hours of transcription as well as all the other features. Once the video or audio imports and transcribes you can listen and edit the text, add images, and then when you are happy you can push it over to an eBook project for final exporting.


Many business fields would make considerable gains by using the Designrr software for their designing needs. If used correctly and with a little pre-knowledge it is a wonderful and very beneficial tool. It is always important to weight up the pros and cons when it comes to any software package and decide on the software that is best for you and your business.

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