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What is Custom software development?

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Businesses make use of custom software development in order to cater to their specific needs.  Custom software development can take on many forms such as field equipment, service equipment, bank applications or even maintenance programs for a manufacturer.  Another term for custom software is bespoke software which originally comes from the English word “tailor-made”.

Custom software development can be designed in-house or outsourced to a company that specialised in the development of software. It has the same methodologies as other types of software development and the same steps would apply when it comes to the requirements of Custom software development as with other software development:

  • Gathering
  • Code Construction
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Custom development incudes application customization, modernization and management that supports individual business requirements.  The viability of a businesses is accentuated when application modernization has been incorporated into its marketing demands.  The management of applications effectively supports installation, performance, updating, optimization and service desk functions.

Benefits of custom software development

  • Tailor made for your enterprise and its specific needs
  • A smart long-term investment
  • Increases in productivity
  • Ongoing Software maintenance
  • Secure from external threats
  • Scalability and support

The importance of custom software in your business

Customer software development can prove to be extremely beneficial to a business due to the fact that it meets the businesses unique requirements and can be built to integrate into the environment is was built specifically for.  A business will reap big rewards when they use custom software development and are able to make themselves noticed in the industry that it serves.  Reducing cost and training time for employees will enable your business to speed up deployment and user adoption which in turn optimizes your business.

How custom software development can enhance your business

 System Integration Complexities

Although different areas of your business may find tools from different software development companies to be useful, it is important to make sure that your organization works as a streamlined single unit

In this case it is the best to use the practice of creating a suite of applications custom made to fit the objectives of your business which in turn creates a flexible and interoperable environment

Scalability restrictions

Your business may require unique beyond the scope software. Purchasing ready-made applications can leave you with expensive software that does not meet the demands of your business. Tailor made software can make all the difference in the success of your company. This software can be developed and built to fulfil the objectives of your business without creating challenges for all the teams that handle your business applications. Scalable technology is a huge requirement when it comes to the correct management of business processes.

Proof of future innovations

Buying expensive off the shelf software can limit the growth of your business which then forces the business to wait until the software vendor is able to come up with the innovation that the business requires or even worse you may end up spending more money on other software to recover. A business sporting their own custom software can experiment and bring innovative concepts to the table much faster without having to rely on other vendors to do it for them.  More innovative concepts mean that your brand will be recognized by the consumer above all other brands.

Technological Support

Introducing off the shelf software to your business can cause a lot of problems in the maintenance of existing software that your company is using to serve other core business processes.  Business who choose to go for custom software development can create a new capability over and above their existing enterprise applications.  Choosing custom software development enables the business to save considerable effort in the maintenance of your software and reduce costs at the same time.

Customized software offers the competitive edge to your business and its stakeholders.  Many businesses both big and small can make use of software that is specifically developed to enhance their enterprise.

How much does custom software cost?

Custom development software can cost anywhere from $50 000 to $250 000

 How are software costs calculated?

To estimate the cost of your Custom Software development project you should divide you project up into units of work.  Estimate the cost per unit and then multiply this by the number of units and then by the cost per unit to get your estimated total cost.  It is important to remember that design and implementation of custom software requires many highly educated individuals, but in the long run the reward on investment far outweighs the initial cost of the software.


Ways to reduce development costs

  • Use outsourced enterprises
  • Document the requirements that you need for your custom software development
  • Use the Agile Software Development Approach
  • Get automated developer tests for your software development
  • Eliminate features that are not needed
  • Test your software development company

How to create Custom software

  • Find a good and reputable developer
  • Design your user interface and architect the application
  • Develop the business logic and then create a data base
  • Develop the access layer of the data base
  • Write test cases
  • Create builds

Building Custom software

When wanting to build custom made software a business would take a written note to a Custom software development vendor for an estimation.  The business would then choose their software taking their budget unto account.  The vendor would propose a description of the software and the cost.  A reputable software development company has the ability to code and handle your software in the most streamlined and efficient way enabling your business to make its product offering valuable to a wide range of consumers.

An organization should communicate regularly with the development company in order to find a software solution that enables them to run their business according to their specific needs thus creating good value for money.

Tips to manage custom software projects

Planning your project

  • Identify your project according to the needs of your business
  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Define the tasks needed to set the plan into action
  • Build a good team
  • Take into consideration any project killers
  • Create a realistic timeline
  • Get feedback from your software developer
  • Adjust your plan accordingly if the need arises


Prepare an outline

If you can envision what your software will look like once the development process is over, you are already on the right path.  This will help the developer to work together with you to create what you envision and what function you want it to serve your customers.  When you are sure of what you want it is time to let your developer know.


Your Business Goals

It is important to create a business plan when it comes to software development so that you don’t waste your time and money without getting any results in return.


Know who your audience is

Analyse the current market trends and get an indication of what your customer is looking for and how your software will help them to achieve their requirements.  Deciding on an audience helps to clarify the project objectives.


Have one decision maker

The software development process typically consists of many people who will be checking on the software that is under development.  This is not a bad thing, but it is critical to make sure that only one person becomes the sole point of contact for all project related details.


Have a Clear Scope

Take the time to plan your development in phases rather than creating one single plan.  This will enable you to add new functions and processes as the development continues and will also assist in controlling the timeline for the final development of your software.  New features can always be added at a later stage if needed.


Be Transparent with Your Developer

The software development company that you choose should be considered as part of your organization so that you can maintain a solid and transparent relationship between your business, the developer and other employees.


Complex processes

Make sure that you choose a Software developer that will update you on any challenges that they may be facing.  This helps to develop a sense of trust between you and your software developer.

Developing a software program is not child’s play and sometimes challenges will arise. Remember that Software development is a collaborative process and both business and software developer need to work together well in order to produce the best results.

Custom Software Modifications

Custom software can be modified over time enabling your business to keep up with new technology.  An efficient support team will help your business to handle any software challenges as well as feature enhancements.  Once your software in fully functional you can then make the changes that you need.  Software that is built to last it created in such a way that it is easy to understand and re-use. Your software will boast clear boundaries and you will be able to add or modify functionality as you see fit.  Once software modifications have been made then the system is tested for functionality and the entire software application is reviewed to see if there are any unexpected glitches.  Remember that if your application has been solidly built then you have every reason to believe that your support team is just as solid.

Custom Software Development services

BW Digital are leaders in design and innovation and have time and time again created one of a kind Bespoke Automated machines and custom software to compliment any brand.  Each software program is custom made to suit our clients’ needs and requirements and is built to their exact specification and vision.  Our software is designed to perform multiple functions and is aimed at getting peoples undivided attention through engaging, sophisticated, and sometimes weird but wonderful technology.   DID YOU KNOW that custom built Bespoke Automated Machines can give you large returns for your investment?  This software is tailor-made to enhance the brand it represents. There are endless possibilities and with BW Digital the sky is the limit!



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