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Virtual Event Platforms in 2020

COVID 19 and the need for social distancing has brought many business sectors to a grinding halt.  Fortunately, there has been slow easing of lockdown restrictions which has enabled a few business sectors to open their doors if they adhere to strict COVID19 Protocols.  One such protocol is the restriction of public gatherings involving 50 or more people which has made it impossible for the event and expo sector to open even though the lockdown level has been lowered.  Unfortunately, such industries are only going to be able to open their doors when COVID 19 infections have passed their peak and this could easily be a long way into the foreseeable future.

Virtual Eventing has become an essential tool enabling expo and event companies to carry on making any kind of turnover.


Types of Virtual Events

  • Webinars & Tutorials
  • Conferences
  • Wellness Sessions
  • Live music and Performances
  • Talk shows and podcasts


What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is the process of people interacting in a virtual environment such as the web.  They can be multi-session online events including webinars and webcasts. A virtual event which is also referred to as an iVent replicates a physical location-based event except for the fact that it is totally online.  It allows people and hosts alike to take part in global conferences, trade shows, product launches and recruitment fairs.  This is all done from the comfort of your own home using a laptop or mobile device.


Tips for hosting a Virtual event


  • Create a plan that involves a strategy
  • Timing is key
  • Promote your event
  • Be prepared to deal with tech troubles
  • Make your even inclusive
  • Encourage engagement during the event


Promoting your Virtual Event


  • Create a memorable brand for your event
  • Have many marketing plans available such as social media, email marketing and websites.
  • Build a dedicated website for your event
  • Send a save the fate email
  • Create a social media plan and launch it!


Types of Virtual Events


  • Webinars & Tutorials
  • Conferences
  • Wellness Sessions
  • Live music and Performances
  • Talk shows and podcasts


How do you make a virtual meeting more interactive?

Make sure that you have set clear expectations before the meeting has started and allow your attendees to have the right mindset in order to participate effectively into your Virtual meeting.  Dedicate time to check in on the meeting but also allow people to take ownership.  Always start with an ice breaker and try to make the material exciting by even getting physical!


How much does a virtual conference cost?

Virtual conferences cost less than one on one conferences because going virtual eliminates a lot of expenses that are associated with traditional conferencing.

Virtual Event platforms

There are various platforms to choose from when it comes to hosting a virtual event:



Suitable for virtual conferences, job fairs, virtual classrooms and online meetings. This cloud-based product includes virtual environments, learning management and webinars and is specifically designed for marketing, sales recruitment., training and HR. Website https://www.6connex.com


This platform hosts events using VR (Virtual Reality) technology and even has 2D options available.  This is a software start up company that was founded in 2013 providing meeting spaces in virtual reality enabling users to have conversations, watch videos, browse the internet and play games.  Website https://www.altvr.com

Easy Virtual Fair

This is a more informal and fun software vendor that operates in more than 24 countries and offers a full mobile friendly experience for visitors and exhibitors.  It is the platform of choice for digital event organizers and Talent Acquisition Managers. Website https://www.easyvirtualfair.com


A specialised platform for virtual events.  This is an in house developed Ubivent platform for Meetyoo and is among the world leading virtual event specialists allowing your organization to reduce event costs dramatically and contribute to a sustainable economy. Website: https://www.ubivent.com


This is one of the most comprehensive virtual eventing platforms available and has been around since 2010.  With some impressive functionality the platform has grown with experience starting of small and mastering the basics to become one of the biggest and most popular platforms in the world.  VFairs sole aim is to help companies engage with their customers, potential customers and suppliers and embrace what they do seriously with offline event planning and preparation taking priority.  Clients receive optimal customer satisfaction since they manage everything from the first stand out glance to the final follow up ensuring a successful presentation, seminar and group chat. The tools inside the platform are exceptional and have been designed into an interface that is user-friendly, logical and intuitive. VFairs is perhaps leading the way in virtual eventing and its impressive client list speaks volumes. The full array of services that surround their online platform means that you are dealing with real people who understand the nuances of online events leaving users in very safe hands  Website: https://www.vfairs.com

EventCloud :

EventCloud enables users to white label the technology that they have developed in order to allow them to take control of their own virtual event.  Their level or service when planning an event is optimal and relies on powerful and advanced technology to create the ideal virtual event.  This approach reduces the cost of setting up and hosting a virtual event from a product presentation to a seminar by close to 80%.

EventCloud is driven towards mobile technology and Apps and makes events hosted using their technology easy to access by anyone from anywhere. EventCloud makes hosting a professional virtual event affordable without losing any of the professionalism demanded by today’s seemingly particular audience. Event registration and presentation is made easy and sports incredible features that are proven to be very useful.


Hubilo :

Hubilo is the prefect middle ground between virtual and offline events as their technology is aimed at managing and hosting both virtual and real events.  Using experience in helping companies plan and manage offline events long before virtual events could be held to the has taught the developers of Hubilo many skills making them more than capable to handle any event. The experience gained in developing solutions for traditional events carries through into the technology for virtual events. Hubilo has all the key features that you would expect from a Virtual Event platform and includes registration, promotion and communication. The solution also has some nifty communication tools that include simple live chats with spot polls and of course the branded network lounge that can be used as a VIP lounge for those who have paid a premium to join your event. With a lot of functionality that simply requires a little thinking outside of the box Hubilo can be a winner for a company that wants to experiment a little with their virtual events. Website: https://hubilo.com/

Virtubox :

Virtubox defines itself as a solution that offers “fully immersive remote collaboration in a digital world with real-world advantages”.  The solution has evolved as the work from home practice grips the world and while not exactly aimed at being a Virtual Eventing Platform it does nonetheless have the capacity to offer this. Virtubox is a relatively newcomer to the world of virtual eventing, conferencing and communication and was established in 2019. It delivers a superb almost hybrid solution for virtual events and allows a speaker to present the virtual screen to a global audience that can join in from anywhere in the world.  The solution creates an immersive online group experience that is extremely fluid and offers tremendous branding and selling opportunities that seem just a little more real than the other “buy this now” type offerings. Communication is the real focus of Virtubox and is aimed at group presentations or to just simply create a virtual office feel where workers are remote but virtually gathered.  Website: https://virtubox.io


This offers virtual eventing and gaming combined and makes the event engaging while drawing them in and keeping them interested.  It creates 3D spaces with avatars and although it is not particularly business like it is perhaps the most innovative way to engage your audience.  They manage to take the basic chat and video technology that gamers are familiar with and turn the game into something that a business would use by initiating virtual test drives and run throughs that represent virtual business presentation and makes it engage people and draw them in.  Website: https://gamerjibe.com/

Sansar :

Sansar is similar to The Sims simulation game and is a wonderful way to host and attend a virtual event.  They are truly left field allow you to create a virtual world and not just a virtual room for your online event. This tremendously powerful simulation software can quite literally take your audience to a different world. You can join existing “worlds” and a humble shop on a screen can be the ultimate showroom for your company, service or product. This is by far the most impressive and different solution for virtual eventing and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it does nonetheless offer an alternative that will allow your company or brand to stand out.   Sansar was used to introduce the world’s largest VR music and arts festival called the Lost Horizon which is a real festival in a virtual world.  It is an interactive and multi-stage event that is accessible via PC, VR or mobile app. It can also be streamed live to anywhere on the planet.  It is original to say the least and brings people together by the mutual love of art and music.

LOST HORIZON offers a deep multi-layered experience, filled with wild dancefloors, secret headliners, a visual feast of art and performance, hidden venues and some HUGE artists that play exclusively for you.

You can meet up with your friend in this multi universe as well as make new ones, chat, dance and explore together. Fully customisable avatars will transcend gender, colour and the limitations of the body enabling you to be whoever you want for the weekend!  Website:  https://www.sansar.com/

Virtual Events hosted in 2020

Mindcraft :

Who says you cannot turn a game into a virtual event?  Mindcraft is a tremendously popular game played by millions of people around the world and is made up of a world full of blocks and cubes creating virtual space and endless opportunities. Game development continues but recently Mindcraft decided to try something new and a little crazy. The Rave Family Block Fest was meant to be one of the biggest live music events of all time. With over 950 artists lined up to perform on a mine craft stage a whole new way of going to a concert in lockdown was found.  Block Fest was based on the Rave Culture and has really seen how the real world and digital world can come together.  The event has seen many challenges but watch this space for updates and you could be part of a world first for virtual eventing. Website: https://rave.family/

Tomorrow Land:

Tomorrow Land is one of the largest dance festivals in the world. This massive Belgian event could not take place in 2020 due to COVID19 and the organizers decided to make the event a fully digital dance event using 3D animation and allowing anyone to attend for the comfort of their armchair.  An estimated 350 000 tickets were sold over two weekends and according to reports they had already sold 200 000 tickets in the first 27 minutes. A day pass for Tomorrowland can cost between 88 Euros to 110 Euros with the three-day Full Madness pass costing between 225 Euros to 272 Euros. The Global Journey pass covering a round-trip airfare and lodging will cost you 2,000-2,370 Euros. The event was successful and shows just how far online eventing can go. Website:  https://www.tomorrowland.com/global/

Burning man Project:

Burning Man Project is taking online eventing to new levels. Much like Tomorrow land and Mindcraft, Burning Man aims to take eventing to new levels and has created 8 Universes.  It is a virtual rave that is held in late August every year inside Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.  The attendees, who refer to themselves as Burners fill up the desolate landscape with massive art installations, stages and camps. Attendance has been climbing over the past several decades and more than 78,000 people attended in 2019.  It is a chance to escape from society in a shared social experience that is not replicable elsewhere.

Tickets cost $550 and a car pass costs $150. Note: Total attendance at Burning Man 2020 is expected to be close to 80,000 and with just a few weeks before the event is set to kick off, the organization is bringing together a group of technologists with backgrounds in virtual reality, blockchain, hypnotism and immersive theatre to create a web of hacked-together social products that they hope will capture the atmosphere of Burning Man. Going virtual is an unprecedented move for an event that’s mere existence already seems to defy precedent.

More:  https://journal.burningman.org/2020/07/news/official-announcements/new-universes-discovered-in-the-multiverse/


The South African Virtual Event Platform


Welcome to V-Hive.  This South African Company is making a name for itself in Virtual Eventing and Meetings.

It incorporates all the best platform offerings all into one and creators meeting rooms, conferences and many other Virtual Event requirements delivering immersive virtual meetings that creates a superb virtual experience for all its users. If you want to host a superb virtual event that’s makes people feels like they are in the same room as you then V-Hive is the Virtual Eventing solution you have been looking for.

Website: https://v-hive.co.za/



Easy Virtual Fair


Altspace VR








Easy Virtual Fair Features  

Website https://www.easyvirtualfair.com




ENTERPRISE     $75 per Month 1000+ participants


Professional Edition Features


·       Client Portal

·       Vendor Management System

·       Approvals

·       Territory Management

·       Employee Referral

·       Custom Functions

·       Blueprint

·       Auto Responders


LITE   $49 per Month

100 Participants


·       Reporting & Analytics

·       Polls, Handouts & Q&A

·       Full-Service Registration

·       Automated Emails

·       Accept Payments

·       Custom Branding

·       Integrations

·       Online & Local Recording

·       Unlimited Cloud Storage

·       Go to Stage


·       Fully customizable job fair software

·       Dynamic Event Planning

·       Best for candidates on the go

·       Zero Downloads policy

·       Developed with HTML 5

·       Personal global customer service

·       Marketing and sales support?

·       Reaches a large pool of candidates

·       Reliable Metric and Analytics

·       Ultra-fast landing time

·       Custom landing page

·       100% mobile responsive

·       Custom visitor registration

·       Online CMS for exhibitors

·       Integrated with Google Analytics

·       Webinar Agenda

·       18 Venue options

·       Customer Support

·       Marketing Support



6Connex Features

Website https://www.6connex.com


Pricing Model: Subscription


Contact 6Connex for detailed pricing information

·       Virtual builder to create rooms and spaces

·       Room builder accounts for sponsors

·       Unique signage and graphics

·       Option to go between languages

·       Supports International day/time formats

·       Flexible and Configurable

·       Unique 3D Designs

·       Helpdesk Support

·       Resource Centre

·       Live, Simulative or on demand

·       Whiteboarding & Screenshare

·       Excellent reporting features

·       A few thousand attendees able to attend

·       Webinar enabled

·       Virtual Booths

·       Multi-platform & browser technical abilities

·       Attendee registration

·       Integrated with Google Analytics

Altspace VR Features  





·       VR with lots of worlds

·       Custom Visitor registration

·       Ultra-fast loading time

·       Custom landing page before event

·       Includes interactive billboards which serve to advertise upcoming events

·       Events can be categorized by type to help users find more of the kind of events they like to attend

·       Pre-made environments designed around specific event types.

·       Additional room instances on the fly—while allowing participants in each room to continue to see the main act in real-time—to accommodate events that draw crowds larger than one room could

·       VR headsets

·       Support for 2D on PC

·       Personalized avatars in an immersive world

·       Can handle as many at 40 000 people in a single event.



VFairs Features  

Website: https://www.vfairs.com




Single Event License $14 925

20 booths

10 webinars

1 live day

1 month on demand hosting


Two Event License $25 370

20 booths

10 webinars

1 live day

3 months on demand hosting


Annual license $47 760

Option A

4 events within 12 months

1 live day

20 booths

20 webinars

Option B

365 days platform availability on a single event

50 booths

30 webinars

12 LIVE days limit


LIVE – 2020-21 – vFairs Pricing

·       Marketing support

  • Advanced audio/video experience on mobile devices
  • Improved scalability with increased flexibility to add new features around the chat platform
  • An advanced audio/video experience
  • 3D Designs for lobbies and spaces
  • Allows Pre-Registration for attendees
  • Live or Pre-recorded webinar on the day of the webinar
  • Live Q&A and list of online users
  • Calendar Invites are now embedded in registration emails
  • Attendees can be provided with auto-login links to login without a username/password
  • Create new events without the need for a development team
  • Benefit from more than 2 dozen event configurations from your admin panel.




EventCloud Features  





Contact EventCloud for pricing details


·       One platform

·       Unified data

·       Excellent usability and integration

·       White label technology

·       Optimal Service

·       Driven towards mobile technology and Apps

·       Affordable

·       Professional

·       Event registration

Hubilo Features  

Website: https://hubilo.com/



One-time license user for one event


Virtual Platform

100 Participants $500

500 Participant $1000

1000 Participants $2000

3000 Participants $3750


Additional Costs for Zoom + Video Engine

100 Participants $125

500 Participant $500

1000 Participants $1000

3000 Participants $2000


Additional Costs for 60-minute recording session

100 Participants $10

500 Participant $10

1000 Participants $10

3000 Participants $10


Additional Costs for Network lounge

100 Participants $200

500 Participant $200

1000 Participants $200

3000 Participants $200


Additional Costs for Exhibitor Central

100 Participants $50

500 Participant $50

1000 Participants $50

3000 Participants $50

·       Live sessions

·       Break out and Demo rooms

·       Virtual Booths

·       Networking

·       One on One meet

·       Gamification

·       Inbuilt interactive live sessions

·       Brand your event your way

·       Exhibitor lead retrieval

·       A handy mobile app






Gamerjibe Features  

Website: https://gamerjibe.com/




TIER 1 – ​100 Concurrent Attendees

Service Fee: ​ ​$300 + $150 for each additional day Exhibitor

TIER2 – 500 CCU

Service Fee: ​ ​$1,800 + $300 for each additional day Exhibitor

Tier 3 – ​1,000 CCU

Service Fee: ​ ​$3000 + $500 for each additional day Exhibitor


Standard – ​$500

Premium – ​$1,000

Premium Plus – ​$1,500


Video Chat & Screen-Share – ​$200 / day / 100 CCU Custom Designs – ​$150 / hour

·       Custom 3D Environments directly from a web browser

·       Avatars

·       Immersive and interactive

·       Wide variety of event scenarios

·       Dynamic live events

·       Chat zones

·       Large booths

·       Presenter Screens





VHive Features  

Website: https://v-hive.co.za/



V-hive is about $3000-6000 per conference


Contact Vhive for pricing details





·       South African based

·       Meeting & conference rooms

·       Immersive virtual meetings

·       Custom digital Avatar creation

·       Display products, show videos and connect with clients

·       Breath-taking virtual environments

·       Easy to use

Ubivent Features  

Website: https://www.ubivent.com


Prices may differ dependant on needs.




200 – 500 people

5 booths

2 recordings

No added Custom designs


Price range from $18933-$31 950 (excl. VAT)


Ubivent does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial.


Contact www.ubivent.co.za for more information


·       Affordable

·       Multiple simultaneous live streams

·       Virtual exhibitors’ booths

·       Opportunities for online interaction between visitors, speakers and exhibitors

·       In-House project-managers help to plan and organize an event.









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