Top20 best Raspberry Pi Projects in 2020

Top20 best Raspberry Pi Projects in 2020

1.Building a Rasberry PI Desktop computer.

You will make a Raspberry Pi Desktop computer that Is called Samytronix Pi. This desktop computer build is mostly made out of 3mm laser cut acrylic sheet. Samytronix Pi is equipped with a HD monitor, speakers, and most importantly accessible GPIO pinouts! Just add keyboard & mouse, and you are good to go!

With the GPIO connections accessible on this Raspberry Pi build, this PC is suitable for hobbyist, makers, students, teachers, and even researchers. The components used in this project are off the shelves components that are easy to find and also not expensive.

2. Make a web-based Raspberry Pi home automation system using normal HTTP protocols.


This technology usually uses sensors to pass data to the internet. Imagine a sensor installed in your garden that uploads data like temperature, humidity, and soil purity to the internet, and this data is visible to you from anywhere in the world. Or imagine home automation systems you can use to control appliances in your home like lights, door locks, and air conditioning through a web interface or smartphone application. A lot of technologies are being developed around this concept, such as independent lightweight IoT networks and protocols for passing data. Here, I will show you how to make a web-based Raspberry Pi home automation system that will allow you to control any appliance in your home from anywhere in the world using normal HTTP protocols.

3.Make Any Dumb TV a Smart TV.


Do you wish your standard television could connect to the internet? You would have the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, or look up anything on Google when your cell phone is out of reach. All of your music and movie files could automatically be linked to your television

Did you know that getting a smart TV doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve to go bankrupt? Any old PC monitor and a Raspberry Pi

4.Retro Gaming Machine.

Who does not cherish the old times when we passed our days playing those classic retro games? We know this is among the best Raspberry Pi projects ever for old school gaming geeks like me and encourage you wholeheartedly to take on this mesmerizing project. If you are looking for raspberry pi projects involving gaming, dive into this project right away.

RetroPie. RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi, ODroid C1/C2, or PC into a retro-gaming machine. It builds upon Raspbian, Emulation Station, Retro Arch and many other projects to enable you to play your favorite Arcade, home-console, and classic PC games with the minimum set-up. For power users it also provides a large variety of configuration tools to customise the system as you want.

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5.Build a Raspberry Pi Twitch Bot.

Twitch is a live video streaming platform used worldwide for streaming live shows and events. You can make a Twitch bot and stream your own videos with it using the old Raspberry board you’ve got lying around. It’s one of the best Raspberry Pi projects that can make you a superstar among friends. With such cutting edge raspberry projects, you will be able to stream the gameplay of multiplayer games like Dota and PUBG.

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6. Raspberry Pi WIFI Extender.

Chances are your WIFI router has to handle multiple devices at the same time and need to cover a well-rounded area. A Wi-Fi extender is a physical device that extends the range of area you’ll have wireless connectivity. Thankfully, building a Wi-Fi extender with the help of your Pi is a relatively simple job. This is one of the best Raspberry Pi projects that deal with common internet problems and allow you to showcase influential raspberry pi projects to friends.

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7. Media Center Using Pi.

Are you in an imminent need for a home media center? Thanks to Kodi, a free and open-source media player software, you can very quickly turn your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged home media centre today. This is a great project and perhaps one of the best Raspberry Pi projects for entertainment lovers like me. You will not need a handful of items for such raspberry pi projects. However, a willingness to learn and try new things will come in handy.

8.Build An AI Assistant.

It’s the age of AI, and we all are swarmed away with the number of mesmerizing open-source AI projects getting in the market every day. If you also want to try your hand in the field of AI, building an AI assistant can be one of the best Raspberry Pi projects that you can take on right now. You will utilize the Google Assistant and the Google Cloud SDK for such raspberry pi projects.

9. Motion Capture Security System.

For your next raspberry projects, consider building an HD camera surveillance system that captures live video whenever something moves in the monitored area. You can use the same Pi camera you used for the time lapse project or might opt-in for a more powerful one. This is one of the best raspberry pi projects for you if you want to check on your dog or the driveaway while on vacation very conveniently.

10. Raspberry Pi as a VPN server.

VPN servers are used to access the internet from behind a safe access point. You can easily curate one of the best Raspberry Pi projects that will act as your dedicated VPN server from scratch. As with the NAS server, this project will require you to handle the networking activities of your Pi. With this creative project, you will not only have a cutting edge personalized VPN server but also can save huge money on monthly subscriptions.

11. Raspberry Pi NAS File Server.

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) server lets your choice of storage device act as a dedicated file server that can send multiple files over the network at a relatively high speed. This is one of the best Raspberry Pi projects for computing enthusiasts given the fact that a professional model of such devices usually come at around $500. All you will need for this project is one or more storage devices and a good USB hub.

12. FM Radio Station.

Who doesn’t like the sound of that old radio song while taking a break from corporate pressure? Did you know, you can very quickly turn that old Raspberry board of yours into a cutting-edge FM radio station? All you’ll need is a working internet connection and a microphone! This is definitely among the best Raspberry Pi projects for us music enthusiasts. Plus you will learn valuable concepts to use in advanced raspberry pi projects later.

13. Make a Pi Twitter Bot.

Despite our numerous differences, we all love to hang out at social media. Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms, lets developers create a real-time twitter bot through their API. This is among the most anticipated raspberry pi projects for open-source enthusiasts. If you like the idea of having your personal twitter bot, then this is definitely in the list of best raspberry pi projects for you.


14. Make a GPIO Music Box.

Build a button – controlled “Music box” that can play different sounds when you push different buttons.

15. Stream and Record Live TV.

Make life easier for family and friends by streaming and recording your own Live TV

That you can watch on your own time – when you want

This add-on board lets you receive digital DVB-T2 TV streams on your Raspberry Pi to view them or stream them over a network to other devices

16. Retroflag GPI Case Gameboy Inspired.

Imagine having to go back in time to the days of VCR’s and no internet and sugary drinks. he level of effort and attention to detail that has gone into this case is some of the best we’ve seen. Not only have RetroFlag produced an accurate tribute to the original Game Boy, they’ve gone all out and added a ton of features to make this the ultimate Raspberry Pi Zero portable retro gaming machine!

17. Film Stop-Motion Animation.

Unleash your creativity by tapping into filmmaking technique dating back to the 19th Century. What would you like to film, What is it that you desire?

18.Drive Away with a Dash-Cam.

For those times when you need the proof or just to keep safe from mishaps?

Sash-Cams can lower your insurance Premiums, They are costly. Buy a Zeroview to your Rasberry Pi Zero. This includes a mount for your Rasberry Pi Camera Module.

The ZeroView is a clever window/glass mount for your Pi Zero and camera module.

Using high-quality suction cups attached to the board, the ZeroView can be mounted on windows, glass, fish tanks and more – just think of the new projects you can make with camera module image, video, slow motion and time-lapse functions!

We’ve spent time designing the board so that the camera module lens is as close as possible to the glass, reducing the chance of glare or reflection. We’ve also mounted the Pi Zero on the rear of the board, which allows you use HATs alongside the ZeroView.

19. Monitor your Heart Rate.

Its import in todays times to monitor your heart rate weather it be for exercise or for insurance or just for health purposes. The heart rate monitors can be costly so build your own one

20. Convert a Printer to Wireless.

If you have a USB printer and would like to be able to print wirelessly why not create your own Wireless printer.

With a Raspberry Pi and a free afternoon, you can make any printer a wireless network printer. You don’t even need a full-sized Pi model—this project will work easily with the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

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