Top 6 cloud storage prices 2020

Top 6 cloud storage prices 2020


Just Cloud Features  

Compatibility: PC, Mac, Linux


Storage: Unlimited


Cost: Free (limited offer)


·       Desktop application

·       Sync files from your PC to the cloud

·       Never miss a backup

·       Available for smart devices

·       Allows access to information anywhere and anytime

·       Data and information secured with 265 Bit Encryption

·       Hourly laptop tracking

·       Around the clock technical support



Dropbox Features  
Compatibility: PC and Mac


Storage: 50GB


Cost: $9.99 (approximately R160.60)

Plans can be upgraded to unlimited storage for $15 (approximately R241.08) monthly plus tax

·       Allows for sharing with multiple users

·       Large file storage capability

·       Safely sharable to people without Dropbox

·       Information available from anywhere and anytime

·       Accessible from a smart device

·       Information synced automatically to all devices with the Dropbox app

·       Files can be edited from a Dropbox account

Users linked to your Dropbox account will receive updates

Google Drive Features  
Compatibility: PC, Mac, Linux


Storage: 200GB

Cost: $19.99

(approximately R325-00)

·       Your first 15GB are for free

·       Information accessible from anywhere and anytime

·       Easy sending and sharing of large files

·       Other Google account recipients are able to access data

·       Files can be edited and automatically saved online

·       Files are able to be scanned and saved as PDF documents

·       Secured with SSL Encryption

Microsoft OneDrive Features  

Compatibility: PC and Mac


Storage: 100GB

Cost: $4.26 (approximately R68.48)


·       Allows for multiple users with added email support

·       Access to your information from any smart device

·       Large files can be safely backed up with encrypted file safety features

·       Files can be dropped from your PC to the drive or vice versa

·       Simple to use

·       Tools provided for your IT to protect important data

iCloud Features  
Compatibility: Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 9)


Storage: 50GB


Cost: $8.33 (approximately R133.85)


·       Automatic backup for Mac and iPhone

·       Information access using any Apple device

·       Automatic syncing of the information that you choose

·       Option for manual syncing

·       Edits are automatically updated to all devices

·       Ability to work on the same file from different devices

Amazon Features  
Compatibility: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet


Storage: 5GB free then charged per month


Cost: per GB/month $0.03/GB/month charged hourly.

API cost for operation of files: $0.005/10000 read requests.

Data transfer outside of AWS region $0.02 / GB to different AWS region. $0.06 / GB to the internet

·       Features a centralised console used to manage and automate backups

across all AWS services

·       Supports Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB,

Amazon EFS,

·       Amazon EC2, and AWS Storage Gateway.

·       Back up key data stores such as your storage volumes, databases, and filesystems.

·       Upload files to the cloud while at the same time organizing them

·       Download files from anywhere when logging into Amazon.

·       Save, organise and share files

·       Access of files from any desktop tablet or mobile device

·       5GB of storage offered for free







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