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The Best Choice of Webinar Platform

Seminars have been around for many years, experts talking to an audience about products and services either for information on to convince them to join or buy. Late in the first quarter of 2020, the world of seminars changed forever when the Coronavirus Pandemic brought companies around the world to their knees. Social distancing and the Coronavirus has brought about changes in behaviour around the globe and this means no more mass gatherings which means no more rooms filled with people for a seminar. This is not all bad news but as a result, webinars have become the norm.  Once frowned for their almost nonpersonal feel, webinars are the only choice to present properly to large groups people in the world today. So, what are the best Webinar Conferencing solutions today?

There are plenty of contenders for the title of best webinar platform but we have selected just 5 that we believe will help you decide according to your needs:

  • Webinar Jam
  • Big Marker
  • Crowdcast
  • Zoom
  • Vida loca


In terms of simplicity, Crowdcast is a good choice of webinar platform. Crowdcast has an effective social networking capability that makes it is easy to follow a presenter via his or her public profile.  The whole Crowdcast methodology and purpose do seem to focus on this functionality. Overall, Crowdcast is easy to use to the point of simple. From Installation to set up and through into use ease of use if very much the key to using Crowdcast. That being said the ease of use and simple functionality of the product is also a downside of the product. While use is easy and scheduling and starting a live event is simple there is very little, if anything to make your presentation stand out.

Crowdcast can be monetised with considerable ease and the chat and communication functionality is sufficient to run a simple multi-speaker webinar. For beginners, this makes a good choice. The real downside of the is the same simplicity that is also a positive.

In terms of being able to market your webinar from within the solution and being able to market during a presentation, you are limited to nothing more than a simple button.

Overall a good product if you just want the basics for your webinar.

Crowdcast: Best for Ease of Use

Website: https://www.crowdcast.io/

Price: $20 to $139 per month – depending on audience size – Free Trial Available


For an all-round contender for best webinar solution, Big Marker takes the stand. It has a lot more functionality than crowdcast and is the start of webinars become valuable income making machines. With Big Marker you can have a live webinar and create a series of webinars, webinars can be automated and live-streamed (less of wow today because of social media), there are also a variety of other options that help you define your webinar and monetise to your needs.

To say Bigmarker is feature-rich is an understatement has the features, such as the monetising and audience engagement and communication that many users now demand. As with Crowdcast, Bigmarker is very easy to use, this despite have so many more features. The solution creates personalised landing pages and waiting rooms as your audience joins the “room”.  As a presenter, you have tremendous control and when setting up a series of webinars the intuitive screens and workflow make life very easy.

The buy now feature could be improved as currently when an offer is presented interferes with the presentation and the webinar attendee more often than not closes the offer to get back to the presentation. The emailing system out of the platform used to communicate with attendees is someone clunky and needs to be updated.

Overall BigMarker is a superb platform albeit in the pricey side

BigMarker:  Best for Features

Website:  https://www.bigmarker.com/

Price:  $99 to $399 per month depending on audience size


Considered the best of the best of webinar solutions, WebinarJam is very much a wow. Packed with features that help a user produce, manage and monetise webinars like a pro.WebinarJam is a worthy winner of the best webinar solution. Sure, it is has a price but the bang you get for your buck is worth every cent. With a host of optional 3rd party add-ons and tools, WebinarJam is the solution to use if you take you webinars and online marketing seriously.

The solution has far and away the best sales and marketing functionality of any webinar solution allowing you to sell with ease, some say it is like taking candy from a child. You can add countdown offers, limited sales offers and more. Sales can be linked to your backend systems updating stock and income balances and more.

External communication from the system is a breeze the email out function not only works but is easy to configure and use. The system can be uplifted by adding third-party tools such as Active Campaign that automatically know that someone has left the webinar and at what time to enable an immediate or scheduled follow up mail. There are so many clever standard features and even more smart add-on tools that make Webinar Jam stand out among webinar solutions.

In terms of set up, Webinar Jam is not the easiest but once set up you can fly and the interface can become cluttered. Other than that, WebinarJam is a superb solution.

WebinarJam: Best all-around webinar solution

Website: https://webinarjam.com/

Price: $499 to $999 per year


Zoom can work with WebinarJam but can also work as a basic webinar tool on its own. It does lack many features and has considerable limitations on users and presentation time in the free version. Zoom is not really marketed as a webinar solution but for the absolute basics that do not require online or inpresentation marketing and sales, Zoom works well. It is easy to use and has all the simple features needed to talk to and present to a room. You can share screens and change presenter or speaker and that is about it. Upon paying you can have more features such as breakout rooms and unlimited time for meetings as well as many more attendees.

Zoom:  Best for absolute basics

Website: https://zoom.us/

Price: Free (up to 100 attendees)  then $14.99 to $19.99 per month (Various packages)


Vidaloca is a late entry into this review of the best Webinar Solutions o the market. The product is opensource and is aimed at the entry-level market or those looking to use the technology as part of another solution. Entirely free of charge with unlimited numbers of guests and no meeting time limit, Vidaloca is a powerful tool that has massive potential. From the outset Vidaloca has been designed to be easy to use, it has all the core features needed for a basic webinar and because it is open-source features can be added with ease

Vidaloca:  Best Newcomer

Website: https://site.vidaloca.co.za

Price: 100% FREE


In summary, there are many webinar solutions on the market and every user has different needs. Before opting for any solution plan your requirements fully. It may make sense to start with a free solution such as VidaLoca to get an idea of the basics before spending money on a solution that may be an overkill for your needs.

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