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Innovative Hardware Solutions

Mind Reader

Mind reader – the application is built to use your neurosensors to pour a 500ml Castle Lite draught into a glass. the better your concentration the better glass fill you get.

Tweet Shaker

Using a specified #tag and the Aromat SA twitter handle via the application loaded on the Aromat Popcorn Bar , ou are able to activate the aroma shaker to pour over your box of popcorn.

Chill Blaster

CO2 gas is released by activating an Andrino (open-source prototyping platform used for building electronics projects.) to get a “fast chill”

Game Show Design

Quiz games: Off the shelf solution to create a quiz game. Client provides desired outcomes and questions for quizzes.

Dance Game

Twerk Machine – An accelerometer belt is worn to web cam + sensor

Registration System

This is an off the shelf solution to capture data digitally these incl but not limited to : names, tel numbers and emails. Create a subscription list

Stimoral Waves System

Sensory based 4d app that uses all 5 senses taste, smell (vapours activated via app) touch, sight and sound – VR headset and game to to engage with the brand.

Stimoral Candy crush System

We wrote a multi platform version for Mondelz with full integration for all mobile devices accessible on Android and iOS for the duration of the activities. It was an opportunity for Stimoral to showcase their different product offerings in one digital place with a familiar game/ application yet being to engage with clients for truly sensory experience.

Bespoke Vending Machine

We designed, engineered and built ten of these trucks for South Africa and other African countries. We could not find a vending machine that would fit on the truck, so we built one from scratch and customised it as per client’s requirements to dispense beer in innovative ways including the use of a social media applications, and external hardware that create this digitally connected experience.