Prodigy: Your One Stop Online Maths Tutor

Prodigy: Your One Stop Online Maths Tutor

Prodigy Overview


Prodigy is an amazing online video game that has been designed to flow with the various maths curricula and is geared towards elementary and middle school students. This game is able to immerse students into a fantasy world in which they can battle their enemies, collect various items and upgrade their characters.


Students are able to do all of this while answering mathematics assessment questions. Teachers, on the other hand are able to keep track of each student’s progress and assess or change the game to suit their student’s specific needs.


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Prodigy: The Beginning


Prodigy was designed by Rohan Mahimker and Alex Peters at the tender ages of 30 years old.  As a child Rohan was obsessed with the video game Pokémon. His mother used to make him spend his spare time at Kumon after school maths and reading programs instead of playing his beloved video game. Mahimker imagined what it might be like to combine maths with a video game and came up with Prodigy together with his classmate Alex Peters.

Prodigy is Continuously Growing


Technology is growing rapidly and can make software both effective and fun. Prodigy makes use of algorithms to figure out what maths questions are problematic for its users during their spell-casting battles. This company is continuously hiring new engineers with experience in A.I so as to further refine its algorithm.


Prodigy believes that children should indeed be challenged, but not to the point of frustration. The more that the users play the game, the more effective the data and algorithm of the game. To this end, students are voluntarily logging into the game and playing it after school as well.



Prodigy is free for students to use and there is no cost involved for teachers to start implementing it in their classrooms. There is, however, a premium membership that has been made available to families for $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year.


This premium membership does not provide any additional educational content, but instead gives students access to more in-game content, such as items, treasure chests, and pets.


Prodigy for Students



·      Student logging in for the first time are prompted to enter all of their class information.  They can then choose and customise their Avatars and create names for their players.

·      Next, they will be guided through a tutorial so as to introduce them to the game as well as how to play it.

·      A diagnostic test will be used to decipher the appropriate placement of students within the maths curriculum.

·      The Prodigy game involves exploring fantasy worlds that are filled with battles, quests, enemies and friends.

·      It is during these battles that the students need to answer mathematical assessment questions so as to inflict damage on their powerful opponents.

·      The maths questions come in the form of multiple choice or fill-in-the blank form.

·      The questions can be read aloud, and hints are able to be viewed on the topics.

·      Students can even draw on a blank canvas so as to show their work and can even drag and drop virtual blocks or fraction strips.

·      Characters can win battles, get upgraded and collect coins that can later buy equipment and Armor as well as house decorations for this virtual world.

·      Students are able to interact with other players around the globe in real-time and can even view how their characters rank amongst their classmate’s characters.

·      The more the student plays the game, the more the teacher is able to review and assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Prodigy for Teachers



·      Teachers are able to make use of detailed analytics as well as reporting features to view a complete list of individual progress per student.

·      For every subtopic teachers can access a list of the students who are struggling, currently progressing, or have mastered a certain topic.

·      This breakdown includes sample items for the subtopics so that teachers can see what subtopic they are assessing.

·      There are also other reports available to teachers that include item analysis, usage impact, individual student progress, and a curriculum report.

·      This can assist in showing teachers Prodigy’s skills align with the current content in their classrooms.

·      Topics can be automatically assigned to teachers based on diagnostic tests, but they also have the option to create their own assignments by using handpicked content from the topic list.

·      Teachers are able to get additional support trough video tutorials and free webinars that are available on the site.



Parents and teachers are able to monitor a child progress and can set goals and rewards for the students. Because Prodigy distributes its software on a free basis teachers are able to incorporate it into their curriculum without their schools having to budget for it.

How the Game Works

1)   Create Your Own Magical Wizard


Once you have created your Prodigy account and have a User ID you will be able to create your very own wizard! This is called an avatar and will be used to portray yourself as you move through the game. This avatar can be styled in the way that you want, and you are also able to pick the gender of your wizard.

The game also allows for you to buy equipment such as relics and wands to match with what kind of wizard you would like to be. As you explore the game you will be able to give your wizard more and more accessories to make it even more powerful.

2)   Enter into Combat


This fantasy world ruled by numbers and equations is filled with monsters, and other wizards that can even challenge you to a magical duel. You as a wizard will have the power to fight against the elements such as Fire, Ice, Storm, Water and others.


Each of these elements have their own strengths and weaknesses and you are able to change your elements depending on the Relic that you have equipped.


3)   Explore the Maths World

This game gives you a vast and magnificent world in which to explore.  You also get to access seven amazingly designed areas within the game.

Each area deals with a specific theme as well as different elements and you can find secret items hidden amongst the magical terrain.


And not to worry, you are not alone.  Prodigy has a pet system in which cute little pets can follow you around on your journey and even help you fight some battles!

In Conclusion

Maths learning has never been so much fun! The Prodigy game is enticing, original and educational and is perfect solution for students, teachers and parents.


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