Pool Deck Cover or Swimming Pool Cover: What’s better?

Swimming pools are something that a lot of people want to own, but they aren’t exactly a cheap investment. It can be expensive to maintain a nice pool — especially in the colder months when you might have to spend more on heating your water than you spend on food. Fortunately, there is a solution for those that want their pools for any season

That’s why you should protect your investment with a high-quality swimming pool cover. But when it comes to protecting your investment and preventing wear-and-tear, what is better: a durable pool cover that keeps out leaves, debris, and water, or a sturdy pool cover that can even support furniture?

Pool deck cover or swimming pool cover: What’s the difference?

Pros and cons of sliding pool deck covers

Skateboard pool covers are usually mounted on wheels and are slid over the pool. Because they are so strong and stable, they are some of the most reliable pool covers available.
These are the main advantages:

Solid and safe. The primary benefit of sliding deck pool covers is that they form a stable barrier between the pool and the surrounding area. They are, therefore, among the safest pool cover options. When closed, they`re too heavy for a small child to move (especially with locks), preventing them from falling in.

  • Heat Shields: The best heat shielding for pools is a combination of strong material and a reliable, secure pool cover. It’s all about keeping the water warm with an ecosystem-friendly cover and block out dirt that could make the water cloudier.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Child safety vests are important tools, robust enough to act as a barrier between small children and large pools — whether they’re hurtling towards them or simply unknowingly walking on top of it.
  • Automatic pool covers in sheets are a combination of woven covers and pool beach covers. Made from a series of floating bars, they insulate and keep the pool clean. However, they are not as strong as a sliding pool cover.
  • Pool covers can be one of the best investments you can make in your pool. A cover will reduce heat loss, protect your pool from dirt and debris, and minimize evaporation — saving you money on chemicals and water
  • Outdoor furniture can be a pain to deal with; if it’s in storage and you’re hosting guests, you’re left with nothing to seat your guests on. If you’ve got a pool deck but want some extra space, an outdoor rug can give you just that — as well as doubling up as a perfect ottoman for tea or coffee during spring and summer evenings!
  • A pool cover provides space for you to host parties without ever affecting the enjoyment of your pool like traditional decking and other patio solutions.
  • In summer, it blocks out the heat and in winter, keeps debris from falling on top of your pristine pool. This also saves you time and money as your pool remains clean lessening maintenance costs. When you lift a pool cover it will reveal handy pockets that keep your swimming gear safely stored until your next use.

Pros and cons of swimming pool covers

  • Unlike solid pool covers, even automatic ones are inexpensive, ranging from $12,000 to $22,000. Meanwhile, simple thermal blankets can be more affordably priced than only a few thousand dollars or less.
  • These energy-saving safety covers also reduce water evaporation and debris entering the pool – so cleaning costs are also minimised. Our energy-saving pool cover is for you if you’re worried about shrinking carbon footprints.
  • However you choose to cover your pool, you’ll be making an investment in the safety of your family and your assets. Pool covers are a great way for enjoying your pool and spending time with family without the hassle of the expense of heating it. And there’s nothing like diving into cool water after a long day. You shouldn’t overlook the importance of keeping your swimming pool safe though.
  • An automatic pool cover at its best is like a little robot designed to keep your pool clean and ready for use. When you can install this magical piece of technology, you’re able to not just speed up the cleaning process, but also save money on energy costs in the long run — people are known to forget about their pools entirely! You can also retain heat better and reduce water evaporation when using an automatic safety pool cover.

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that swimming pool covers typically outlast a rooftop. While they might not be able to withstand the weight of an adult, they’ll stand up to anything your neighborhood kids can throw at them. We believe that our soft pool cover is one of the finest products of its kind in the world. But don’t just take our word for it; check out our reviews and see what other customers think!

Here are all the reasons why you should be buying a solid vinyl pool cover: Greater stability. Whether it’s sturdiness, durability or sheer weight, solid vinyl pool covers simply last longer than others on the market. This makes them the best choice for long-term use. Less chance of collapse . Solid vinyl covers are more durable and less prone to damage from child’s play, pets running around and falling debris.

Pool covers are more than just kids’ toys. With their help, pools can be completely covered and protected against harsh weather conditions, allowing them to be used any time of the year. While solid pool covers provide better protection, they are not as flexible as others — meaning some spaces cannot support them. In addition, heavy snowfall or other objects that might fall on top of the pool cover could damage it beyond repair.

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