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When building a home, it’s important to think about every little detail — from paint colors and decor to the furniture that you pick. With so many options available for buyers, designers often find themselves overwhelmed. We want to make furniture selection easy for people by offering them unique, African-inspired pieces that can fit any home or office space perfectly.

Our Work

The internet is full of flatpack furniture pieces. While these designs may be convenient for shoppers and easy for manufacturers to produce, they don’t offer much personality or personalization to potential buyers. We’ve found a huge demand for more traditional furniture choices — made out of wood with hand-carved details, inlays and carvings — among modern consumers because they offer an opportunity to shine as an individual while finding something beautiful at the same time. Every piece of our custom-made products is crafted by local artisans using only the freshest materials in Africa.

Behind the Artwork

African furniture is known as some of the most exquisite in the world. Handcrafted by talented artists, each piece stands out and adds character to any home. To create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind, woodcut artist Chiwama Kennedy Daka has been handcrafting timeless designs since 1996 — with a simple goal: to share his passion and love for nature with customers around the world.

Hand Carved African furniture

Mukango Wa is proud to present an extensive selection of handmade African furniture in the USA. Our master carvers are deeply rooted in one of the oldest woodworking traditions on the continent, three-hundred years old, and with a heritage that traces itself back to the great masterpieces of Shona architecture or intricate Swahili sand carved doors. All of our pieces come from different parts of Africa and each tells its own story even before it’s opened. Whether it’s a tableware product for your office, a custom piece for your home, or a bar for your restaurant — we take the effort to ensure that every single item we have on display not just meets but exceeds expectations.

As one buyer, Kumeshree Govender, noted, “Kennedy made a dining room table for my parents ten years ago! It’s still as strong and beautiful as day one! Talented is an understatement!”

If you’re looking for authentic African furniture and home decor, then Mukango Wa African is your prime choice. Our entire collection is handcrafted with 100% eco-friendly materials. Each piece tells a story of Africa — its wild nature, culture, and customs.

Mukango Furniture Not only does our company feature unique pieces of art, but we also provide custom-made options based on your specific requirements.

Contact us for more information: Kennedy Chiwama Daka: 061 701 0118 All ideas can turn into great pieces, so we here waiting for yours.”

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