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How to set up and use Zoom

How to set up and use Zoom

What is Zoom?

It is hard to believe that Zoom was founded on the 21st April 2011.  Before the year 2020 many people, myself included, had not heard of Zoom before.  Due to the COVID19 pandemic many people have started to use Zoom as an alternative form of communication, therefore enhancing social distancing and enabling users to work from home.

Zoom is a web-based all in one easy to use platform.  It is a wonderful conferencing tool that can be accessed using a laptop, PC or mobile device and enables its users to meet online and share information, projects and screens with each other no matter how far apart in actual distance they are.  People all around the world are using Zoom as a platform for business meetings, religious meetings and personal family gatherings.


Benefits of a Zoom Meeting

  • Can be used for meetings, phone chats and webinars
  • Extremely easy to set up and manage
  • Modern form of communication
  • Connects to desktop users, mobile devices and browsers

 How to setup Zoom

Register via your PC or laptop

Search for the Zoom sign in page.  You will be asked to enter your date of birth. The reason for this is because people under the age of 16 are not allowed to start a Zoom account without a parent in control.  After this you will be asked to enter your email address.   Once you have entered your email address Zoom will send an activation email to the address that you signed in with.  All you need to do is activate your account by using the “Activate Account” button that is presented in the email. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the URL into your browser to activate your account.  Once you have opened the web browser the app will ask you if you are signing up as a school. Click the yes or no button depending on what type of business you are in.  You then click on the continue button.  The next page will ask you for your name and a password of your choice.  Once this has been done you are then able to invite other people to create a free Zoom account with their email.  This is optional and can be skipped. You will be given a link to your personal meeting URL where you will see an orange button that says, “Start Meeting Now”.  This allows you to create a test meeting.    You will then be prompted to download the desktop app in order to install the app onto your PC desktop. Once installed you can create your test meeting.   In order to do this, click on the link that says, “Sign In”.  Once you have done this another screen will prompt you to enter your email and password which will then take you to the “Home” tab.  You will see an orange block saying, “New Meeting”.  Click on this tab and your meeting will start.



How to use Zoom

You have now successfully installed Zoom onto your PC.  Here is how to initiate a Zoom meeting:

  • Login to your account on the Zoom website.
  • You will see a tab that says, “Host a Meeting”. Chose to create a meeting with the video on or off or you can choose to share screen only.
  • When the meeting starts the Zoom client will begin to download. Carefully follow the installation instructions.
  • Remember to test your audio and video. Zoom will allow you to test your speaker and microphone each time a meeting in started. If this does not work, you will also have the option to select speakers or microphones from the drop down menus.
  • Once your audio is working you can join the meeting.


How to use the zoom app

First you will need to open the Zoom desktop client.

You can use the following methods to join the meeting:

  • Click on Join a Meeting if you don’t want to sign in. Enter the meeting ID number to display your name.  Choose whether you would like to connect via audio or video and then click on “Join”.
  • With the mobile app you can start or join a meeting. The Zoom app displays the active speaker view by default.  When more people join in on the meeting you will see a video thumbnail in the bottom right corner.  This will enable you to see four participants at the same time.


What is a zoom call?

A Zoom call refers to a video conference meeting that is hosted via the Zoom platform.  These meetings can be joined by using a webcam or a phone.  The Zoom Room is the hardware setup that allows companies to schedule and launch Zoom Meetings in their conference rooms.

It is important to note that you can join a Zoom meeting via audio or teleconference, or you can even use a traditional phone.  This proves to be beneficial when you don’t have a microphone or a speaker on your PC or if you do not have a smartphone. It is also useful if you cannot connect to a network for video and computer audio.


How to set up and join meetings using a PC or laptop

How to set up a zoom meeting using your PC or laptop

Sign into Zoom and click on the Schedule icon.  This will open a scheduler window where you are able to select your meeting settings.  You then click on Schedule to finish and open the calendar service you have chosen to add a meeting.


How to Join a zoom Meeting using your PC or Laptop

There are numerous ways to join a Zoom meeting.  You can use the Zoom app on your PC by logging into the Zoom website link via email invitation or use a telephone to dial in.

The meeting host will always have to start the meeting before you are able to join in unless the host has enabled you to join before them.

You can also use open Zoom app that is saved to your desktop.  Click on start Zoom and then sign in.  You then click on Join.  You will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID that was sent to you via email invitation.  You can also decide whether you want to come into the meeting using your audio or video.

You can also join a Zoom meeting by clicking onto the Email Invitation link.  You would have received this beforehand from your host.  If you click on the link you will be directed straight into the meeting.  If you decide to join the meeting using the Zoom Website you simply sign in with your username and password and then click on the My Meetings tab.  If you decide to join the meeting using a Telephone Dial in, you will see that the email meeting request sent from the host will display a dial in number.

How to access Zoom using google chrome

Scheduling a Meeting

  • Open Google Calendar – create a new event.
  • Click on More Options.
  • Type in your meeting settings.
  • Click the “Make it a Zoom meeting button”.
  • Click on Rooms and chose the room you want to schedule.
  • This will now show in the guest list.


Joining a Meeting

  • Open Chrome and go to join.zoom.us
  • Type in the Meeting ID that the host has given to you
  • Click on join
  • You then click on “Open Zoom Meetings”. This always needs to be clicked when you launch via your web browser.


How to record a zoom meeting

As the Host:

  • Start the meeting
  • When the meeting starts click on the “Record” button. This button is in the Zoom toolbar
  • Now choose “Record to the Cloud” or alternately “Record to this computer”. The meeting will now start recording.


Without the host:
This can only be done if the host has allowed the participant permission of added them as an alternative host to record the meeting.


Life before Zoom

It is hard to remember how we carried on with business as normal before being introduced to Zoom.  Even though it has been around for many years we have only just started to really utilise it in order to carry out our day to day business activities.  Zoom enables us to schedule and join meetings that form an integral part of operating our businesses during these trying times.



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