How to Choose a Software Development Provider?

How to Choose a Software Development Provider?

You have decided that you would like to build a software application, but you are unable to do this by yourself.  You need to find a Software development provider that you can trust to help deploy your idea. Who do you choose? How to you choose? Ultimately the provider that you choose can mean the difference between success or failure, so you need to make your decision wisely.


Tips to use when deciding on a Software Development provider

# 1       Get Referrals from other businesses that they have provided work for

# 2       Discuss your coding ideas with the provider

# 3       Look at their company Portfolio

# 4       Make sure that they understand different Software Systems

# 5       Find out about their delivery time

# 6       Ask them about their communication skills

# 7       Find out about application ownership

# 8       Pay attention to user experience and testimonials.


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Your development partner should understand your company and assist you to develop and focus on your priorities as well as advise you from a technical perspective so as to do as much as they can to help you make your business a success.


Know What You Want


Firstly, you need to have a clear idea as to what your needs are.  It is vital for you to know what kind of software you are wanting to build and then identify what requirements you need to find the right provider for the job.  The provider that you choose needs to have a clear understanding of your needs and end goals, so that they have a concise understanding as to what your requirements are. If you are a startup business, you must identify your business goals by evaluating and analyzing any problems that you may have so as to find the best-suited software development partner.


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Do Not Choose the Cheapest Quote


It is easy to go for the cheapest quote, especially if you are a start up company running on limited funds. Unfortunately by doing this you could be setting yourself up for failure or ultimately paying more to reach your end goal.


These are the reasons why you should not go with the cheapest option:


Technological debt 

This can happen due to poorly written code, lack of tests or software that is difficult to work on or maintain.


Source code ownership 

When you don’t own the source code you will only get a bundled code. Alternatively the company will offer for you to license the product even after you have already paid for the development!


Low level communication 

This is due to the providers lack of experience, poor English levels or lack of transparency during the development process.



Research the Provider and Look at Their Portfolio


It is of the utmost importance to not pick blindly.  Spend some time on carefully researching the company that you are thinking of using.  Check out their website, reviews, blog pages and testimonials.  Take a look at their previous projects so that you can check on their knowledge of specific technologies as well as their experience with various domains. You may even find that they have already worked on a project that is similar to yours which will give you some peace of mind when it comes to their abilities and experience.


Check Out Their Blogs and Social Media Pages


Providers that regularly update their blog pages and social media is proof that the company has a lot to share with a broader audience and that they are confident and proud of the jobs that they have worked on in the past.  It is a good way for you to check how in-depth their knowledge is in many other different fields. Pay attention to publication dates of blogs, so that you able to see that new content is regularly added to their page.  A LinkedIn page can also help you to find the providers description, location, contact details as well as various other details.


Find Out About their Business Development Model


It is important to know what way your provider works in to develop software.  This gives you a clear and concise picture of what your final results are going to be. Your software development provider should be able to effortlessly conduct meetings and be able to discuss and understand your long term and short-term goals.  The agile model normally works the best and results in a highly collaborative process during the building of the software.  Companies who encompass agile models are able to provide much quicker results and are highly adaptive and constructive which is just what you want when all is said and done.

Communication Is Critical


It is important to find a company that is constantly improving the development process and values retrospective meetings. They should be able to clearly articulate what they expect from you as well as what you expect from them.  The provider should be able to communicate with the client while developing the required software. When you have constant communication with the developer it ensures faster development of the software. Find a company that is able to provides quality in both their work and services and offers an excellent client vendor relationship.  A combination of understanding, prioritization and transparent communication is key to building software that has the best performance.

Make Sure to Get Frequent Progress Updates

A good software development provider will be keen and eager to show you their progress at every turn with each sprint being followed by a demo of the product.  The provider will be motivated to demo weekly results of their work and will feel the pressure with each week that goes by.  You as a client will also feel the need to deliver information and specifications for the following weeks sprint.


How to Choose a Software Development Company: Questions you need to Ask





How do you work? Tell me more about your approach to creating an application. How do you ensure software quality? Why are you different to other software providers?
How do we communicate during a project to know the progress, plans and problems? Will I own the source code? How much time do you need?
How do you ensure we know when things go wrong? Do you work on technical documentation?


What is your pricing per Man-Day and what does it include?
What do you expect from us and what should we expect from you during our time together? Can you share your best practices for writing code? Have you done any project similar to mine?
Can you delivery a product that will match our market expectations? So you have testimonials and references from your previous clients?
What collaboration tools are used during the project? What is your experience working with Start-up’s and enterprises?
Do you have use an instant communication system?
Will the developers assigned to my project be working on other projects at the same time?


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