How to choose a health program?

Is this you?

So here you are.

Maybe you are searching for something you cannot yet define. Maybe you are sitting with deep tension in your back or jaw. Maybe you have a disease you cannot seem to heal. Maybe you have been diagnosed with chronic illness and are quite frightened. Maybe you just feel low on energy.

And you really want to change this.

So you turn to google, the trusted “authority” on health. 

You are looking for something that can offer transformation… a dietician, a nutritionist, a health program, the latest diets with all their testimonials … there are so many to choose from. 

How to choose a health program?

Here are certain aspects any effective health program should have. 

Clean Eating

An ideal diet is a clean one. It is one that is as natural, clean and based on as much whole food as possible.

A western diet is naturally filled with saturated fats, salts, preservatives, additives and colourants.  This not only has no place in optimising health they also are toxic for the body.

Root Cause

good health plan should not just treat symptoms and put a band-aid over what is going on. 

It should get to the root cause of what is causing the disease and heal it at its core to ensure long-term results.

Personalized Health Plan 

You are unique. Our bodies are unique and each of us needs different aspects to help us function at optimum levels.

This means different foods, different lifestyles and different ways of approaching an eating plan.

A good health program will take this into account and adapt it to your lifestyle. 

Holistic Lifestyle

Do you notice how when you are stressed, you can feel it in your stomach? Or how when you are angry you can feel your body tensing up? Or how when you are feeling depressed, you don’t want to eat?

Health is not only about the physical body. It is about the emotions, thoughts and overall energy that is going on with us. There is a dynamic interplay with them all.

To optimize health, all of these aspects should be taken into account.

Body conscious diagnostic can offer this!

Over the years, this topic and related solutions was something that I was constantly reviewing until the body conscious diagnostic came through. It has incorporated all the steps that through my experience have made clients successfully reach their health goals.

Plant-Based Eating

Body conscious diagnostic uses food in its whole, natural and cleanest form: that directly from the ground. 

A  plant-based diet consisting of grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and herbs is the most nutritious of diets out there. 

In fact, this is what medicine should be composed of.


Body conscious diagnostic offers a long-term lifestyle plan

Health is not only about eating right: it is about exercise, sleep, stress reduction and more.

All this may be covered in the health plan. 


When we are out of balance and experience a change in our health, it is usually a combination of body, mind and soul. 

It should be treated at the root of where it is coming from.

Body conscious diagnostic assesses where it originates from and heals it at this core, so the other levels can start to find their balance. 

Eating Plan Adapted to You

Body conscious diagnostic is an individualised program. 

It involves online consultations directly focused on you and your needs. 

The program assesses where you are and the plan you need to heal.

No plan is the same.

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