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30 ways to work from home with ease

The year 2020 has turned working from home into the new normal. Many businesses have had to shut their doors and employees have had to start working from home in order to maintain social distancing.  Working from home has become the new trend and could be here to stay for a long while.

It is important when working from home to make sure that you have all the tools to make your and your employees experience the best that it can be under the current circumstances. As an employee or business owner your comfort, mental and emotional well-being have to be in excellent shape in order to continue being productive.  Here we look at some ways in which this can be achieved.


Manage your well-being.

#1 Mindset

Make your day feel like a normal workday and stick to a schedule. Designate a specific room in your house as your place of work and only use this space when you are working.  Wake up at the time that you would normally wake up for work and get dressed.  Never work from your bed.  It is important to also manage family during this time and your time should be managed between work, keeping the house clean and spending much needed time with your family.

# 2 Get a good night sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns can lead to unwanted anxiety and stress. Make sure that when it is time to sleep you have turned off all electronic devices. Also make sure that you have a comfortable mattress and adequate bedding to enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Make this a priority as being tired during working hours is going to affect your overall productivity in the long run.

# 3 Enjoy what you do

It is important to enjoy what you are doing and rely on your own self-motivation, focus and self-discipline to continue succeeding and progressing.

# 4 Stay in Contact with the outside world

Remember to stay in contact with the outside world! With new technology it is easy to stay in contact with friends and family via telephone and video calls. Do not isolate yourself.  You are still a human being and the need for social contact is very important to maintain a healthy mindset.

Manage your workload.

# 5 Calendars and Schedules

It is important to maintain constant diligence during your working day. Stick to deadlines and manage your workload by making sure that you have a good schedule and make use of a calendar to keep track of important tasks. Take some time to develop a multi-step work schedule and make use of a reliable Time-Tracking App.

# 6 Multitasking tips

Clear up a cluttered desktop and move all files into the correct folders.  Neatly organized files will give you the sense of being in control.  There are various apps available that can assist you with this process. In some cases, it is also beneficial to use split screens in order to have multiple space available to view two apps at once.

# 7 Commit

Often you will find that projects you have wanted to finish will take more time than you had expected.  To manage this, it is important to overestimate how much time you will spend on a certain task for that day.  If you come up short of your goal you will still end the day knowing that you have completed a solid number of tasks.


# 8 Wi-fi coverage

Make sure that your router is situated in the best room of your home and keep it regularly updated.  Investing in a Wi-Fi booster or extender is also recommended.  Cut off any Wi-Fi leeches like the neighbor Vuyo who is watching his favorite videos on you tube. Control the use of applications that take up too much bandwidth.  Using the latest Wi-Fi technology will strongly contribute to your daily work routine.

# 9 Hotspots

There are inevitably going to be days when your Wi-Fi goes down and turning to your smartphone for a Wi-Fi hotspot is used as a quick temporary backup.  An alternative would be for you or your employer to invest in a dedicated mobile hotspot like a dongle that can use the network you require to use as a backup.


#  10 A work desk

A work desk should be comfortable and should have enough space for you to keep documents, your PC and drawers for stationary and other essential items that are needed to work from home.

#  11 A comfortable chair

Chose a work chair that is height adjustable and has adjustable backrests and facilitates the correct lumbar support. The chair should be covered in breathable material, have sufficient padding and be easy to operate. A chair with armrests is recommended.

# 12 Laptop /PC

There are many variables to consider when deciding on a Laptop or PC to use when you are working from home.  The top 4 things to look for when purchasing a device are:

  • Size
  • Screen Quality
  • CPU
  • RAM


# 13 Keyboards

The back of your keyboard should be adjustable, and the height of your keyboard should be level enough that the middle row of keys should not be more than 3 centimeters above the desk.

# 14 Sound bars

Soundbars are good to have it you are working on a smaller desk and have a minimalistic setup.  These are compact and can easily fit under a monitor with minimal cabling to ensure a clutter-free desk.

# 15 An efficient mouse

When deciding on a mouse make sure that you check on what type of sensor it has.  It’s a personal choice so you need to be happy with its weight, grip style as well as its lighting and customization. You can also decide if you would prefer to use a wired or wireless mouse.

# 16 Power bank

This is an essential work from home tool and is one of the easiest ways to charge your laptop.  A power bank normally has enough charge to power up your laptop battery at least once or twice and is an essential asset when you have power cuts at home.

# 17 Desktop charging station

Things to consider when deciding on a Desktop charging station is how much power you need to charge the device you are using.  Some devices need a normal amount of power whereas other devices need a high amount of power.  Consider the time it will take to charge your devices as well as where on your desk you are going to place it.

# 18 Webcam Requirements

Look for a webcam that has excellent resolution, sensors and lenses. Webcams have built-in-stereo microphones to make you voice sound natural. A good USB microphone will always make your voice sound clearer and natural. Alternatively, you can make use of a gaming headset with a microphone that can be positioned near your mouth.

# 19 Wireless earphones

Your earphones should always fit well and be comfortable.  Make sure to opt for durable earphones as you need them to last when working from home every day.  Try not to choose earphones with too much cables that are going to get in the way.



# 20 Programs

To work from home a good set of remote working software adds several benefits and saves precious time that can be wasted when dealing with inferior programs and software.  There are various types of remote management software that can enable your business to function effectively.

# 21 File protection

Always keep your security software up to date and make sure that your home network is secure.

#  22 Eliminate Prying eyes

Make the effort to keep an eye on your laptop and always secure sensitive files and dispose of sensitive data in an efficient manner.

# 23 Meeting rooms

There are many video conferencing tools to make use of such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Discord, Skype and one of the newest to date VidaLoca which is free of charge.

Take time to research the different platforms and see what best suits you and your business.

# 24 Social Networks

Although limited time should be spent on social networking during the day, it is important to remember that social media can assist in acquiring much knowledge.  This includes teaching people how to multi-talk and motivating them to want to be their best self.  It can also help to boost an employee’s self-esteem by acknowledging them or enabling them to improve their skills and abilities.

# 25 Cloud Storage

When it comes to Cloud Storage Solutions make sure that you have taken the following into consideration:

  • File versioning
  • Automatic Syncing
  • Excellent Security
  • Storage Capacity
  • Customer support quality and efficiency

# 26 Clever apps

Every remote set up needs to be able to run efficiently.  In today’s times there are various apps that have been designed to make your life a lot easier and help to smooth out any rough patches in your day to day tasks.

# 27 Trouble shooting

Troubleshooting means to diagnose and source a problem and is used to fix problems that can be experienced with hardware and software.  If you are having difficulty with your devices, then the first thing to do would be to look for the most obvious problem. If the problem is not solved start to narrow it down into more specific issues.

There are six steps when it comes to the art of troubleshooting:

  • Identify the problem
  • Establish the cause
  • Test your theory
  • Action and execute your plan
  • Verify that the system is functioning properly again
  • Document what you have done to correct the problem


Work and Play 

It is important to work hard but it is just as important to take a break and have some fun, especially on weekends when it is your time to wind down.

# 28 Consoles

When choosing a gaming console decide on the preference you have for certain types of games.  Gaming consoles can be very costly so it is important to make sure that you purchase the one that is right for you.  Consider the online service you will be getting with your chosen console as well as media support, types of controllers and storage.

# 29 Games

Essentially there are 5 game types on the market today being simulation games, adventure games, role-play games quiz games and strategy games. These closely simulate the real world and are filled with different scenarios and decision architecture.  Every person has their own preference and with so many to choose from you are sure to find the games that would best suit your needs.

# 30 Reach out for Help

It is important to find good suppliers to incorporate all of your work from home needs.

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